Top Kinds of Cashews That Are Worth Purchasing


Top Kinds of Cashews That Are Worth Purchasing

The world produces 720,000 to 790,000 tons of cashews each year, with India leading at 170,000 to 195,000 tons. Following closely are Côte d’Ivoire, Vietnam, and Tanzania, producing about 149,000 tons, 82,000 tons, and 53,000 tons annually. But the thing is, not all cashews are equally good. This is why we’re here. This article will help you choose the tastiest ones!

Best Kinds Of Cashew Nuts That Are Worth Purchasing

In total, there are 33 cashew kernel grades, but out of the 33, only 26 are sold and sent out for consumption. Here are some of the ones you can purchase off the internet or through a local store:

  • W-180: They are also called the “King of Cashews,” they’re big. And because of that, they’re known for being expensive.
  • W-210: They are also known as “Jumbo” nuts. They’re cost is relatively close to W-180 nuts.
  • W-240: These cashew nuts look good and cost fairly.
  • W-320: The most popular and easy to find worldwide.
  • W-450: Popular and low-cost because it has the smallest white kernels.

There’s also scorched wholes, another kind of cashew. They’re brown because they’re roasted longer. They look the same as white kernels and have the same nutrition.

Classifications of Cashew Kernels

There are different types of cashew kernels. They are categorized as the following:

First Quality Fancy: These cashew nuts are all one color—either white, light yellow, or pale ivory. They look the same and are considered top-notch.

Second Quality Scorched: These cashew nuts can be different colors like yellow, light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey, or deep ivory. They have a variety of hues but are still considered good.

Third Quality Special Scorched: These cashew nuts can be deep yellow, brown, amber, or light to deep blue. Some might have small wrinkles, be not fully grown, or have light-brown speckles or other colors.

Fourth Quality: These cashew nuts would be really good if not for small pitted spots on them. They are almost top quality, but not quite because of the spots that they have.

Lightly Blemished Wholes (LBW): These cashew nuts might have light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey, or deep ivory colors. These cashews have light brown speckles or marks on them, but only up to 40 percent.

Lightly Blemished Pieces (LP): These are just pieces of cashew nuts that might be light brown, light ivory, light ash-grey, or deep ivory. They can have some light brown spots, but not too many, only up to 20 percent of the cashew nuts.

Blemished Wholes (BW): These cashew nuts may be deep yellow, brown, amber, or light to deep blue. They might have a few small imperfections, which makes them different from the others.

Buying Cashew Nuts – Things To Do

When purchasing cashew nuts, there a couple of things that you need to do, including:

Understanding Cashew Grades

Get to know cashew grades like W-180, W-210, W-240, W-320, and W-450. Each grade has its unique size and cost. W-180 is big and pricey, W-240 strikes a balance, and W-320 is popular and versatile.

Considering Your Purpose

Pick cashews based on your needs. If you want big and premium, go for W-180. W-240 is a good mix of size and cost, and W-320 is well-liked for its versatility.

Exploring Budget-Friendly Choices

For a more economical choice, check W-450 or scorched wholes. W-450 has smaller, cheaper white kernels.

Checking for Freshness

Choose fresh cashews with intact packaging, no moisture, or damage. Freshness ensures better taste and texture.

Selecting Reputable Sources

Choose sellers or brands with good reviews for reliable, quality cashews.

Discovering Special Varieties

Explore cashew varieties for diverse flavors. Look for limited-edition or artisanal options for unique tastes.

Considering Roasted Options

If you like intense flavor, try roasted cashews. Roasting enhances the nutty taste, and you can choose different roasting levels.

Being Mindful of Dietary Preferences

Check for gluten-free options and consider your dietary needs. Ensure the cashews align with your nutritional requirements.

Where To Buy The Best Cashew Nuts?

For the finest cashew nuts, Puro Vista is the place to go. We provide top-notch cashews with a variety of options to suit your preferences. We are also known for exceptional quality. Our cashew nuts stand out from the rest. When seeking the best cashews, look no further than Puro Vista for a delightful selection.

Final Thoughts – Buying Cashews

When buying cashews, understand grades, consider your purpose (size, cost, versatility), explore budget-friendly choices (W-450, scorched wholes), check for freshness, choose reputable sources like Puro Vista, explore special varieties for diverse flavors, consider roasted options for intense taste, and be mindful of dietary preferences.

Puro Vista is recommended for top-notch cashews, offering a delightful selection with exceptional quality.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the cashew nuts that we have on our website, give us a call or send us an email.

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